Magnus Creations Handicraft

Magnus Creations Handicraft

Magnus Creations offers a wide range of handicraft products for the stylish homes that one aims for.

From bags to kitchen accessories to wooden products, Magnus Creations has you covered for your needs and choices for a modern and polished home look.

Based in VA, USA, Magnus Creations offers exclusive handcrafted pieces for the expert eyes so that they add a unique elegance and radiance to your interior designing initiatives.

Adding a charm of vibrancy, they not only act as beautiful additions to your homes but also instil happiness in you so that you have things to appreciate which make your everyday special.

With eye-catching designs and a professional finish, the products of Magnus Creations acquire the premium look that all the customers appreciate and look for. With high-quality raw materials for their manufacturing process, a high level of quality and durability is ensured so that you can continue enjoying the use of the product for a very long time and satisfy you.

Great artistry and handpicked design and material choice make the products of Magnus Creations stand apart from the other products of the same category available in the market.

Magnus Creations offer a wide variety of bags for everyday use as well as special uses. From clutches to premium jewellery boxes to table runners, all these products are available on the website at really affordable rates for the customers.

Other featured products include wooden casseroles, wooden coasters and table mates. They all come with unique handmade craft styles which set them apart from the rest.


Magnus Creations strives to provide you with the best of services with 24 x 7 online customer support for resolving queries that you may have for the products or ordering online or for issues after placing orders or received products.

With Free Shipping and Easy Returns, the reasons for you to choose Magnus Creations are now much stronger.

Easy Returns let you choose your favourite handicraft products worry-free as you can return them should you have any problems or if they come with defects or such issues.

Free Shipping lets you shop freely without worrying about high delivery charges.

The Refund Policy lets you get refunds for your returned orders if there have been defects in them or such problems.

Payment Options

Magnus Creations offers a wide choice of payment options so that you can shop without any worry. Magnus Creations accepts payment through Paypal online as well as through debit and cards using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Shopping on Magnus Creations

Shopping on Magnus Creations is very easy. Just pick the products you want and add them to the cart and once you are satisfied with what you want, go to the checkout option to see the list of products and edit the list should you need to.

Once done, choose the address where it is to be delivered and then the payment options. Once the payment is completed, you can rest assured that your order is being processed.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and keep shopping!

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